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Caldera News

Weekend Events

[Donor] Broccolai astaff posted Oct 4, 18

This Weekends Events and Times

Hello hello, your usual host is not here so your favourite green vegetable beggining with B will be taking it! It's my first time so go easy on me <3

Friday, October 5th 9pm EST
Casino: Our bi-monthly casino event returns again, get ready to lose win loads of money! 

Sunday, October 7th, 6pm EST 
Horse Race: The Yeomen have their first guild event this week, consisting of a Yeoman themed course. Be sure to come because it's my event >:(

Sunday, October 7th, 8:30pm EST
Drop Party: MrRamboRex is hosting a drop party! Remember to thank him in-game and on discord. Love you Rambo ~ Broc

Hope to see you all there! Unless I pass out in the drop party  :D

And as always remember to check our calendar at www.calderaminecraft.com/calendar for easy viewing of up-to-date event information!


Event Times and Corrections

Kels astaffo posted Sep 22, 18

Upcoming Events and Times

Saturday, September 22nd 7pm EST
Build Contest: Come build with us! Sign up on the forums and win cool prizes. All participants will receive a small participation reward.

Saturday, September 29th, 8pm EST 
No Risk PvP: Fight it out 1 v 1 in our brand new 1.13 arena! Kits will be provided!

Saturday, September 29th, 9pm EST
Drop Party: Since we met our donation goal for the month of September, we will be hosting our donation drop party. Join us to pick up some cool loot!

Rescheduling: Apple Hunt
Since worldedit is still a little wonky and causes a lot of lag, we need to push back the date of the Apple Hunt as the map is not completed yet. But rest assured we will have this event sometime in October, possibly rebranded as a pumpkin hunt!

Remember to check our calendar at www.calderaminecraft.com/calendar for easy viewing of up-to-date event information!

Treasure Trails

Kels astaffo posted Sep 14, 18

Legend tells of a guild thats not yet existing
While its hall is enacted, its just an empty listing
Look for the proud flag that is waving blue
Inside this building you will find your second clue

During Friday, September 14th (8pm) - Sunday, September 16th (11am) Caldera will be hosting Treasure Trails! Tomorrow before the event, this post will be edited with the clue to the first location.
Players will race through about 25-30 clues. First person or team to reach the end wins the main prize, however, all participants will get a reward. During this time, Caldera Flight and Elytras will not work in any worlds. We apologize for the inconvenience, but it is in the interest of keeping the competition fair to all players.

The prize for our first treasure trails will be about $40,000-$50,000 in value, and will include Caldera Flight Fuel and a voucher for 1 random CalderaCrate! ONLY THE FIRST PERSON/GROUP TO REACH THE TREASURE WILL RECEIVE IT. All others will get a prize of $100,000 split between the amount of people who finished the hunt. Therefore, the more people that you carry to the finish line, the smaller the prize will be.

1) No fly of any kind (elytras or flight fuel) during this event (from Friday night to Sunday morning)

2) PvP during this event is permitted in the Towny World. All other worlds are PvP-free (as always) and attempting to kill a player through illegal means will result in serious consequences.

3) No deliberate interference with others during the event. PvP is fine and permitted in the Towny World, but you may not attempt to cover up a treasure trails area, break clues to prevent others from finding them, or deliberately intervene in a way that prevents other players from reaching the end of the trail.

4) Building on rule 3, some clues are placed near towns or residences and reference the names of these places. You may not rename your town or residence during this weekend as it will count as player intereference. 

5) You may work with as many people as you like to reach the treasure, however, choose carefully. Staff will not intervene if any last-minute changes/back-stabbing occurs. Work with others at your own risk.

6) The way that the hunt is set-up requires each individual to visit each individual treasure trail. You may not attempt to skip ahead by joining another group that's ahead of you. Doing so will prevent you from finishing the event.

Upcoming Events

Kels astaffo posted Sep 13, 18

Heya all Caldera Players!

1.13 has been an exciting time, and I can think of no better way to continue this excitement than by hosting some awesome events! We recently took a vote on what our first 1.13 event should be, and you decided that we should host a treasure trails. This will be our first event for 1.13, however we have many more to come!

Please, check out our calendar at www.calderaminecraft.com/calendar to keep up-to-date with our event schedule.

A basic timeline of the next few weeks is posted below:

Friday, September 14th (8pm) - Sunday, September 16th (11am): Treasure Trails
Treasure Trails will be starting! Players will race through about 25 clues. First person or team to reach the egg wins the main prize, however, all participants will get a reward. During this time, Caldera Flight and Elytras will not work in any worlds. We apologize for the inconvenience, but it is in the interest of keeping the competition fair to all players.

Sunday, September 16th (11am to 11pm): 50% mcMMO
Immediately following Treasure Trails, we will have a 50% extra mcMMO party for 12 hours, which is sponsored by Mcreeee's generous donation! Be sure to thank Mcreeee in game or on discord if you see him!

Friday, September 21st (9pm to 9:30pm): Casino
We will be hosting our first 1.13 Casino night, including Casino Coins and door prizes! Be sure to save up some money before this event. wink

Saturday, September 22nd (time TBA): Build Event hosted by Builder's Guild
We will have a special build event hosted by the builder's guild! All members of the server are invited to participate and prizes will be awarded for the best builds! More information will be announced.

Friday, September 28th - ?? (TBA): Egg hunt!
Finally, for our last event of the month, we will be hosting an egg hunt! More info will be announced about this event as the date draws closer.

I hope to see all of you at these upcoming events! Remember, events become even more fun when lots of people participate!

1.13 Release Time

Kels astaffo posted Sep 6, 18

Hey all!

We will be launching 1.13 Caldera this Saturday, September 8th, at 1pm EST

You can track the time until our launch using this handy link: http://www.tinyurl.com/CalderaLaunch

Hope to see you this weekend!

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