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Caldera News

November News

Kels astaff posted Nov 1, 18

Hi all! It's best owner Kels here with some November news!

Firstly, congratulations to jd4564, b2mauler, and sharonpaik for winning last month's voting contest. Voting rewards will go out soon! The November voting contest is now underway, so make sure to vote vote vote! 

Our VIP for the month is Dooot! Check out Dooot's Q & A on the forums, and be sure to give her a congratulations!

Finally, I have the event schedule for the next two weeks! 


Keep in mind that we're currently in the process of Daylight Savings Time, and this weekend most of the US will fall back an hour (and I believe most of Europe already has). Therefore, events on Friday will be one hour earlier than usual for you if you live in Europe and already experienced DST, but the event Sunday will be the same as usual.

Friday, November 2nd:

9pm EST Casino
Come gamble with us in the Casino! Earn some cash cash money.

Sunday, November 4th:
8pm EST ABBA mining. Come participate in our free-for-all mining event. The person with the highest points at the end of 30 minutes gets the trophy!

Saturday, November 10th
8pm EST: KnockOff! Can you be the last one standing on our floating platform? Be careful, the enemy has knockback sticks...
8:30pm EST: Storage Wars! Come one, come all, to our storage lockers! Bid on items and hopefully win big! :D

Spooktober News

Kels astaff posted Oct 26, 18

Hi all! It's your favorite Kels here with some news to share with all of you!

Firstly, from now until Nov 1st, we will be having a 20% sale on all points packages! Use the code "spooktober" at checkout to have your donation discount applied - get more points for less money! Happy shopping :)

Other news: 
- 1.12 transfer chests have arrived! Go to /warp transferchests to claim your stuff :)

- Please remember to fill out the Caldera experience survey at http://www.tinyurl.com/calderaplayerexperience

- Over the next few days, we will be reworking or rewriting some of the rules and policies on Caldera. I also want to start a new 1.13 changelog thread to track these changes.

Saturday, October 27th: 
8:10pm EST - Ore Ball! Come mine in the ore ball, there's lots of ores to be won, but you must stay alive to reach the core!
8:30pm EST - Haunted Maze/House! Can you make your way out of our scary haunted house? Only the worthy will survive...

Sunday, October 28th:
12pm EST - 12am EST - Traveling Merchant! Check out our merchant guild minievent: the traveling merchant. The merchant has many special deals for you, and will buy some of your items as well! 

Monday, October 29th:
6pm EST: Pumpkin Carving! Carve and decorate your very own jack o' lantern. Awards will be given for the spookiest, silliest, and most creative pumpkin! Pumpkins are due at midnight EST on Nov 1st

Tuesday, October 30th:
8:30pm EST: Spooky painting contest! Contestants will have a short amount of time to creative a spooky painting original to this event (cannot be copies from elsewhere, or things you have painted before).

Upcoming October Events!

Kels astaff posted Oct 9, 18

Hello Caldera Players!

Staff and builders are hard at work putting together spooky events for this month. The following is a tentative schedule of our Spooktober events for the next week:

Brewing Tutorial Classes: Sunday, October 14th (2pm) OR Wednesday October 17th  (8:30 pm) (choose one)
Come attend our brewing tutorial classes led by jb! These classes will review the equipment needed for brewing and teach you how to navigate the world of custom recipes! All materials will be provided. All active participants will receive $500, a FREE brewing kit, and a custom lore item for completing the class. This class is being offered through the brewer's guild, with hopes of introducing brewing to more of our players. Please attend if you can!

This Next Week's Events:
Friday, October 12th, 8pm EST:
Start the partner build competition. Partners (2 people) will get a plot to create a halloween-themed build! Prizes will be handed out for the best builds, sign ups will be posted on the forums.

Saturday, October 13th, 8:30pm EST:
Double Enderdragon event! Come fight the enderdragon with us, and work for a chance to win that egg!
Sunday, October 14th, 2:00pm EST
Brewery tutorial (see above)

Wednesday, October 17th, 8:30pm EST
Brewery tutorial (see above)

Upcoming Events (more info to come):
- Spooky brewery: Compete in pairs in various challenges aimed to help you discover spooky brewing recipes! The pair with the most recipes discovered in the allotted time will win some awesome prizes, include non-vanilla enchanted tools!

- Haunted House/Maze: Do you have what it takes to escape the Caldera haunted house?
- Pumpkin carving: Create the best pumpkin!
- (Possibility) Skin contest
- (Possibility) Pumpkin hunt
- (Possibility) Town of Caldera

Weekend Events

[Donor] Broccolai astaff posted Oct 4, 18

This Weekends Events and Times

Hello hello, your usual host is not here so your favourite green vegetable beggining with B will be taking it! It's my first time so go easy on me <3

Friday, October 5th 9pm EST
Casino: Our bi-monthly casino event returns again, get ready to lose win loads of money! 

Sunday, October 7th, 6pm EST 
Horse Race: The Yeomen have their first guild event this week, consisting of a Yeoman themed course. Be sure to come because it's my event >:(

Sunday, October 7th, 8:30pm EST
Drop Party: MrRamboRex is hosting a drop party! Remember to thank him in-game and on discord. Love you Rambo ~ Broc

Hope to see you all there! Unless I pass out in the drop party  :D

And as always remember to check our calendar at www.calderaminecraft.com/calendar for easy viewing of up-to-date event information!


Event Times and Corrections

Kels astaff posted Sep 22, 18

Upcoming Events and Times

Saturday, September 22nd 7pm EST
Build Contest: Come build with us! Sign up on the forums and win cool prizes. All participants will receive a small participation reward.

Saturday, September 29th, 8pm EST 
No Risk PvP: Fight it out 1 v 1 in our brand new 1.13 arena! Kits will be provided!

Saturday, September 29th, 9pm EST
Drop Party: Since we met our donation goal for the month of September, we will be hosting our donation drop party. Join us to pick up some cool loot!

Rescheduling: Apple Hunt
Since worldedit is still a little wonky and causes a lot of lag, we need to push back the date of the Apple Hunt as the map is not completed yet. But rest assured we will have this event sometime in October, possibly rebranded as a pumpkin hunt!

Remember to check our calendar at www.calderaminecraft.com/calendar for easy viewing of up-to-date event information!

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