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Caldera News

Urgent announcement

Kels astaff posted Mon at 13:51

Caldera Staff have recently discovered that a large group of people have been using an outside tool (not dynmap) to assist them in finding Residences or Towns to teleport to, to ease travelling towards locations without easy teleport access. This has given them an unfair advantage when completing certain server objectives.

This tool has been primarily distributed through private Discords to keep it off of staff radar.This is not permitted under Caldera's rules and several players have already been disciplined for choosing to use this tool. Caldera Staff are also aware of several more players that have not yet been disciplined. If you have used or were aware of this tool and have not yet been disciplined for it, I urge you to come forward now. All players that speak to me honestly about their usage or awareness of the tool will receive a reduced consequence or no consequence at all. That being said, those that choose not to come forward may find that Caldera Staff are already aware of their usage or awareness of this tool.

All players with information on this subject have 48 hours from this message to contact me. After that we will start issuing bans for any player that we find to be associated with it, either previously or in the future.

As I feel it is inappropriate, please no questions or discussions to staff, on the Caldera Discord, or on the server regarding this tool or this message. If you don't have any idea what I'm talking about, you're fine and don't need to worry about this.

Change in PvP Policies

Kels astaff posted Apr 10, 19

Hello all Caldera Players,


As many of you know, we recently sent out a survey asking your opinion on the current state of headhunting and PvP. This survey is now closed and the feedback was reviewed during our monthly staff meeting. We got some really great suggestions from both headhunters and non-headhunters. In an effort to keep the Warrior Guild fair and headhunting alive while also still acknowledging some of the struggles of being a non-pvper on Caldera, especially a new player that is a non-pvper, we have decided on the following changes:


  1. New Players will receive 5 days of protection from PvP. During this time they will be unable to be attacked and also unable to attack others. We feel this will give new players time to get acclimated and invested on the server before they become potential targets, and could help prevent a lot of the rage-quits that we currently get.

  2. An anti-combat log plugin will be added to prevent players from logging out during PvP without punishment. If a headhunter goes through the effort of locating, travelling to, and stalking a target, they deserve the chance to finish the kill. Combat logging negates the hard work of headhunters and will no longer be permitted, and this will be added in our rules.

  3. Town members have the right to kick headhunters out of town claims. If a town member indicates in any manner (such as by saying “leave, get out, you can’t be here, etc”) that a headhunter must leave, the headhunter must leave claims and stay out of them for at least 60 minutes. The headhunter does not have to be addressed by name. It is on the headhunter to watch chat and ensure that they are not being asked to leave. While standing or running around the border is still permitted, shooting into the claim, running in and out of the claim, or committing any other actions that aim to annoy players in the claim (besides running around outside the claim) will be considered PvP harassment.

  4. Caldera is adopting a strict anti-verbal-harassment policy. Headhunters may not threaten or attempt to intimidate other players. Headhunters may ask a player if they want to give their head up and state that once the head is obtained they (the headhunter) will leave. Headhunters may say once that if the head is not obtained, they will return. However, if a player indicates they do not want to give up their head, the headhunter must accept this answer. Repeatedly harassing or attempting to intimidate players into giving up their head is no longer allowed. In addition to this, non-headhunters may not insult or demean headhunters. Headhunters are just participating in one of Caldera’s many features, and they don’t deserve to be treated badly because of it.

  5. Group hunting is still permitted, which many headhunters were concerned about. However, it is encouraged that headhunters consider limiting their hunting party to generally 3 or less. If huge groups of headhunters continue being an issue on the server, an official rule may be made about the size of hunting parties.

  6. The new cooldown time for killing an individual player has been upped to 12 hours. This means that an individual player can only be killed by the same person twice a day at most.

  7. The Warrior Guild head requirements will be slightly nerfed, to acknowledge these changes and the previous struggle for heads. In addition, as suggested in suggestion-discussion, staff will look into hosting more “gathering” events in Survival that require players to leave their towns to participate. Similar to CalderaCrates, perhaps we could have random-spawn boss mobs, treasure trails, etc. More information will come on this later.

  8. Most importantly, Staff will be watching for bullying behavior through PvP. Players that aim to cause emotional harm to others by burning items in front of players, playing keep-away with items, or other trolling tactics may find themselves punished by staff. This does NOT mean that headhunters cannot continue to keep items, however, the “I don’t know who has your stuff, ask <name>” or “I don’t know what happened to your <item>”, while being aware that the stuff has been taken and already put away is no longer permitted. There is no need for these behaviors, as all they aim to do is further distress a player that has been killed. If you plan to keep items, take them and go.

Remember, headhunting is not an excuse to be mean or to bully others. Toxic actions scare away new players and irritate long-term players. Play fair and be kind.

We have added a PvP protection plugin for new players. Because this plugin does not currently understand who is a "new player" and who is a returning player, all PvP will be disabled for the next 5 days as it considers all players to be new players. Starting now, after 5 days from a returning player's first re-log, their PvP will be enabled.

Join our discord!

Kels astaff posted Feb 4, 19

Hi all!

Caldera news and information has primarily migrated to Discord! Make sure to join our discord to keep up with events, new features, and more!


2018 Caldera Awards

Kels astaff posted Dec 19, 18

A reminder that the Caldera Awards will take place this Saturday at 2pm EST! Please wear a fancy skin and come with your best behavior. The awards ceremony will take place both in discord and in-game and tend to last about two hours, although we're hoping to condense it down to an hour and a half or less.

You must be listening in discord to participate in the awards. If you win an award, you'll be called up on stage and will have the opportunity to give a short acceptance speech either in discord or through in-game chat, whichever you prefer. Speeches should be no longer then like 20 seconds maximum.

Mayors will be responsible to accept awards for their towns, and guild leads for their guilds. Hope to see all of you there this Saturday!

Hello all,

Caldera is in the midst of a town-decorating competition! To encourage more participation, we've decided both to up the prizes and extend the time for the event.

The new judge date for this event will be December 29th!

New Prizes are as follows:

1st place:

Town: 30 town bonus plots, $25,000 in the town bank, First place trophy, screenshots of town used in our advertisements with credit going towards the town
Members: $3,000, 1 book voucher, 1 fly rod, 6 vote points each

2nd place:

Town: 20 town bonus plots, $20,000, 2nd place trophy
Members: $2500, 5min fly rod, 1 book voucher, 5 vote points each

(Depending on number of participants we may or may not have a third place)
3rd place:

Town: 10 town bonus plots, $15,000, 3rd place trophy
Members: $2000, 1 book voucher, 4 vote points each

Mayors (Or CoMayors) please sign your town up below if you are competing! 

[Donor] minebobcrafter Asteria will participate &lt;3
Kindlejem Crymogaea will participate if its not too late.
St_Lillypad New Bork is in bc why not
Vote for us!
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